Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The "Conquering Federer" Quiz

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Super-Federer. But not always. He IS mortal, after all.

This Backspin Quiz focuses on the times when King Roger has come face-to-face with a little Kryptonite...


1. Federer has appeared in thirteen slam singles finals of the Men's and Junior competitions in his career. His record in those finals is 11-2. Who beat him?

a. Rafael Nadal & David Nalbandian
b. Rafael Nadal & Andy Roddick
c. Rafael Nadal & Marat Safin
2. Federer's current streak of grass court wins is an all-time best 48. Who was the last player to defeat him on grass?

a. Mario Ancic
b. Goran Ivanisevic
c. Pete Sampras
d. Mark Philippoussis
3. In 2006, Federer's 55-match North American winning streak came to an end when he was defeated by whom?

a. Andy Murray in Los Angeles
b. Rafael Nadal in Washington, D.C.
c. Andy Murray in Cincinnati
4. What commentator raised Federer's ire last year when they wondered aloud whether the world #1 really "cared" about one of his non-slam losses?

a. Mary Carillo
b. John McEnroe
c. Brad Gilbert
d. Pam Shriver
5. Andy Roddick is 1-13 in ATP tour singles matches against Federer. When and where did that single victory occur?

a. 2000 U.S. Open
b. 2002 Houston
c. 2003 Montreal
6. Federer failed to win the Gold Medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics. In what round did he lose?

a. in the Final
b. in the SF
c. in the QF
d. in the 2nd Round
7. Who beat him?

a. Thomas Johansson
b. Nicolas Massu
c. Tomas Berdych
d. Tommy Haas
8. Federer reached his first ATP singles final in Marseille in 2000. He lost in a final set tie-break to which player?

a. Wayne Ferreira
b. Greg Rusedski
c. Marc Rosset
9. Guillermo Canas' victories over Federer in this year's Indian Wells and Miami events made the Argentine the fourth player to pull off the feat of wins over Federer in back-to-back tournaments. From the list below, pick the other three to do so:

a. Marc Rosset
b. Pete Sampras
c. David Nalbandian
d. Lleyton Hewitt
e. Andre Agassi
f. Thomas Muster
10. Since Federer lost in the 2005 Australian Open SF to Marat Safin, he's played 55 grand slam singles matches. He's 1-2 against Rafael Nadal in those matches. What is his record in the other 52 matches against the field?

a. 50-2
b. 51-1
c. 52-0
BONUS: In 2000, Federer lost the Olympic Bronze Medal match in Sydney to which Frenchman?

a. Arnaud Di Pasquale
b. Arnaud Clement
c. Sebastien Grosjean
d. Cedric Pioline

>>>THE ANSWERS (2 pts each unless noted)<<<

1. a. Nadal defeated Federer in the 2006 Roland Garros final, while Nalbandian won the 1998 U.S. Open junior final.
2. a. Ancic defeated Federer in the 1st Round of Wimbledon in 2002.
3. b. Murray defeated Federer in the 2nd Round in Cincinnati.
4. a. Mary Carillo.
5. c. Roddick's single victory over Federer came in the '03 Montreal SF.
6. d. He lost in the 2nd Round...
7. c. ...to Tomas Berdych.
8. c. Marc Rosset.
9.(2 pts. for each of three correct answers) a,c,d. Rosset in 2000, Hewitt in 2002 and Nalbandian in 2003 accomplished the same feat Canas did in 2007.
10. c. Federer has gone 52-0 against everyone other than Nadal in slam matches since the '05 Australian Open, winning six titles.
BONUS: (4 pts.) Arnaud Di Pasquale won the '00 Olympic Bronze Medal match.


20-28 -
Rafael Nadal vs. Federer, on clay
12-18 -
Guillermo Canas vs. Federer, post-drug suspension
10-16 -
Tomas Berdych vs. Federer, in Athens
0-8 -
Andy Roddick vs. Federer, in Montreal... after 2003

All for now.