Friday, March 14, 2003

The First WTA Backspin Quiz


1.The WTA instituted its computer rankings system on November 3, 1975. Which were the original 1-5 rankings?
2.True/False. In 1987, Steffi Graf became the first non-American born or naturalized American citizen to hold the #1 computer ranking in singles.
3.Who was the lowest-ranked player to ever win a WTA singles title?
A.Martina Muller
B.Dinara Safina
C.Angelique Widjaja
D.Svetlana Kuznetsova
E.Myriam Casanova
4.How many Russian women were ranked in the Top 50 singles at the conclusion of each of the last three seasons (2000,2001,2002)?
E.none of the above
5.Pick the four women who won two or more Tier I singles titles over the course of the 2001-02 seasons:
6.True/False. 2002 Indian Wells champion Daniela Hantuchova, ranked #26 at the time, is the lowest-ranked player to ever win a Tier I event.
7.Who were the youngest and oldest players to ever earn Top 10 rankings? Who were the youngest and oldest #1's?
8.The U.S. (22) and Belgium (6) had the most women singles champions in 2001-02. Which countries tied for the third-most titles?
A.Switzerland and Russia
B.Spain and Russia
C.Russia and Slovakia
D.France and Spain
E.Israel and Yugoslavia
9.Which current player holds the WTA record for the longest period of time between singles titles?
A.Ai Sugiyama
B.Jill Craybas
C.Elena Likhovtseva
D.Els Callens
E.Barbara Rittner
10.Name the eleven women who have been ranked #1 since the computer rankings began in 1975.


1.B.Evert,Wade,Navratilova,King,Goolagong. Evert held the #1 ranking for the proceeding 140 weeks, until Navratilova moved past her.
2.True and False. Germany's Graf became the first top-ranked women to never hold American citizenship when she became #1 in 1987 (she stayed there for 186 straight weeks before Seles overtook her in 1991). But, Czech-born Navratilova did serve as #1 for 81 weeks from 1979-81 before she became a naturalized American citizen in July 1981. As an American, she was #1 for a total of an additional 250 weeks through the rest of her career.
3.C.#579 Angelique Widjaja of Indonesia won the Bali title in 2001.
4.A.4,6,8 (4 in 2000: Kournikova, Dementieva, Likhovtseva, Panova), (6 in 2001: Dementieva, Krasnoroutskaya, Likhovtseva, Petrova, Panova, Bovina) and (8 in 2002: Myskina, Dementieva, Panova, Bovina, Kournikova, Likhovtseva, Kuznetsova, Zvonareva)
5.E.S.Williams (4), Davenport (2), Dokic (2), Mauresmo (2)
6.False. In March 2002, #26 Hantuchova broke Dokic's record (#23 when she won Rome 2001) as the lowest-ranked Tier I champion. But just one month later, #58 Iva Majoli broke Hantuchova's new record when she claimed the Charleston Tier I title.
7.Jennifer Capriati became the youngest Top 10 player in October 1990, at 14 years-7 months; while Billie Jean King was the oldest at 39 years-10 months in October 1983. Chris Evert holds the record as the oldest #1, at 31 years-10 months-7 weeks in 1985; while Martina Hingis is the youngest-ever #1 at 16 years-6 months-1 day in 1997.
8.A.Switzerland and Russia. Four Swiss women (Hingis-2, Schnyder-1, Mikaelian-1, Casanova-1) and three Russians (Bovina-2, Kuznetsova-2, Myskina-1) combined for five championships for each country. Israel and Slovakia had four apiece.
9.E.Barbara Rittner, with a stretch of 8 years-9 months between her 1992 Schenectady and 2001 Antwerp titles.
10.In order of their first attaining the #1 ranking: Evert, Navratilova, Austin, Graf, Seles, Sanchez Vicario, Hingis, Davenport, Capriati, V.Williams, S.Williams


10 correct: GRAND SLAM CHAMPION...look out, Serena!

7-9: Top 10, with on your game's consistency.

5-6: A grinder with Top 20 potential.

3-4: Maybe a new coach will help? Damir Dokic is currently available.

1-2: Curse out the worked for McEnroe.

0: Time for retirement...I hear Arantxa needs a morning hitting partner these days.