Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Federer/Nadal Quiz


1. Of the eight Federer/Nadal match-ups, how many of them DID NOT occur in a tournament final?

a. 0 - all of them have been in finals
b. 2
c. 4
2. Nadal currently has a record 60-match winning streak on clay. Who was the last player to defeat him on the surface?

a. Igor Andreev
b. Roger Federer
c. Carlos Moya
d. Alberto Martin
3. Federer currently has a record 48-match winning streak on grass. Who was the last player to defeat him on the surface?

a. Mark Philippoussis
b. Mario Ancic
c. David Nalbandian
d. Andre Agassi
4. Nadal won Roland Garros in 2005 as a 19-year old. Before him, who was the last teenaged male to win a slam singles title?

a. Andy Roddick
b. Juan Carlos Ferrero
c. Andre Agassi
d. Pete Sampras
5. True/False. Roger Federer has won a Hopman Cup title for Switzerland, with Martina Hingis as his teammate.
6. Nadal only played one junior slam event - Wimbledon in 2002. What was his singles result?

a. he lost in the 1st Round
b. he reached the SF
c. he was runner-up
d. he was the champion
7. Federer is one of only four players to win both the Wimbledon Juniors and Men's title. Who are the other three?

a. Bjorn Borg, Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker
b. Bjorn Borg, Pat Cash, Stefan Edberg
c. Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker, Goran Ivanisevic
8. Federer has never won an Olympic medal in singles, failing to do so in Sydney '00 (2nd Round) and Athens '04 (losing the Bronze Medal Match). From the list below, pick the three players who defeated him in Olympic competition:

Tim Henman
Arnaud Di Pasquale
Lleyton Hewitt
Tomas Berdych
Tommy Haas
Nicolas Lapentti
9. Federer has been ranked #1 for 128 consecutive weeks (as of July 17). He's the fourth ATP player to hold the top-ranked position for over 100 straight weeks. Who were the other three?

a. Connors, Lendl, Sampras
b. McEnroe, Lendl, Sampras
c. Connors, McEnroe, Sampras
10. There have been ten tie-break sets in the Federer/Nadal series. Who holds the edge? (Bonus: By what margin?)
BONUS: Federer's record run of consecutive victories in singles finals reached what number -- 16, 20, 24 or 28? Who ended his streak in 2005?

>>>THE ANSWERS (2 pts each unless noted)<<<

1. b. Two of the eight meetings came before tournament finals: 2004 Miami (3rd Round) and 2005 Roland Garros (SF). Nadal won both matches.
2. a. Igor Andreev, in the Valencia QF in May 2005.
3. b. Mario Ancic, in the 1st Round of Wimbledon 2002.
4. d. Sampras, 19, at the U.S. Open in 1990.
5. True. Federer/Hingis won the Hopman Cup in January 2001.
6. b. Nadal reached the 2002 Wimbledon juniors SF.
7. b. Borg, Cash, Edberg and Federer are the only Junior and Men's title winners at Wimbledon.
8. (2 pts each for one or two correct; 7 points for all three) Brdych defeated Federer in the 2nd Round in Sydney, while he lost to Haas in the Athens SF before also losing to Di Pasquale in the Bronze Medal Match.
9. a. Connors (160 weeks), Lendl (157) and Sampras (102).
10.(2 pts. for one correct; 5 pts. if both correct) Nadal has won the majority of the tie-breaks in his series against Federer, by a 6-4 margin.
BONUS: (2 pts. if get one answer correct; 5 pts if both correct) Federer's streak reached 24 before losing to David Nalbandian in the 2005 Masters Cup final.


23-33 - RogerRafaSlam
14-24 - Guillermo Vilas, after Nadal
5-13 - Andy Roddick, after Federer
0-4 - The rest of the ATP field, after Federer/Nadal

All for now.