Monday, September 19, 2005

2005 3Q/Fed Cup Quiz


1."The most challenging thing about coming back has been doing it. I've just had to tell myself it's going to take a while. If I hadn't got off to a good start at Wimbledon, who knows where I might have been." Who said it?

a.Venus Williams
b.Daniela Hantuchova
c.Ashley Harkleroad
2.Russia just completed the defense of its 2004 Fed Cup title. Which was the last country to win back-to-back FC championships?

a.USA, 1999-2000
b.Spain, 1994-95
c.France, 2001-02
3.Kim Clijsters went 23-1 during the North American hardcourt season, claiming her first slam title at the U.S. Open. The one loss was her first on hardcourts since the 2003 U.S. Open final. What player defeated Clijsters this summer? And where?
4.MATCH GAME. Match the career singles record with the opponent:

a.Kim Clijsters 10-9 vs.
b.Venus Williams 7-7 vs.
c.Martina Hingis 2-0 vs.
d.Kim Clijsters 4-0 vs.
1.Martina Navratilova
2.Serena Williams
3.Maria Sharapova
4.Justine Henin-Hardenne
5.BACKSPIN NICKNAME MATCH-UP. Five major new Backspin nicknames gained footing over the last few months. Match them with the player they refer to:

a.Patty Schnyder
b.Kim Clijsters
c.Anna-Lena Groenefeld
d.Amelie Mauresmo
e.Venus Williams
1.Girl Friday
6.Pick out the t-shirt slogan that Sania Mirza DIDN'T sport at the U.S. Open:

a."Well-behaved women rarely make history."
b."You can either agree with me, or be wrong."
c."I'm cute? (No shit!)"
d."Do you like my butt? Good. You should."
7.Steffi Graf, 36, returned to action this summer by making her debut in WTT action. What was the result of her one singles match?

a.she lost to Elena Likhovtseva
b.she defeated Martina Navratilova
c.she lost to Nicole Vaidisova
8.ALPHABET SOUP. Can you identify each "three-named player" with just her initials to go by?

9.Anna Smashnova went 2-0 in singles finals during the 3rd Quarter, giving her what career record in eleven WTA finals?

10.At the U.S. Open, Sania Mirza became the first Indian woman to reach a slam singles 4th Round. In the previous three slams of 2005, she had 1st, 2nd and 3rd Round singles results. Match the three other results with the correct slam (Australian, Roland Garros & Wimbledon).
1.How long was Mary Pierce's injury delay during her U.S. Open SF against Elena Dementieva (within 2 minutes)?
2.What's the name of Serena Williams' pet dog, as revealed this summer in the reality TV series, "Venus & Serena: For Real?"
3.In WTT competition, which ATP player did Meghann Shaughnessy face off against in singles action?
4.Martina Hingis was 25-1 in singles & doubles WTT set-long matches this season. Who was the one woman who defeated her?
5.Before winning the last two Fed Cup titles, what was Russia's record in its four previous trips to the FC final?

>>>THE ANSWERS (2 pts each unless noted)<<<

1.c. Harkleroad, after winning an ITF event in Washington, D.C.
2.a. the USA's 1999-00 title run was the last Fed Cup repeat. Spain, though, was the last to three-peat, from 1993-95.
3.(2 pts for each of 2 answers) Shuai Peng, in the San Diego QF.
4.(2 pts for each of 4 answers) a-4, b-2, c-1 (though they've only met in WTT competition), d-3.
5.(1 pt for each of 5 answers) a-5, b-4, c-1, d-2, e-3
6.d. Mirza didn't wear a shirt emblazoned with that one... though she could soon.
7.a. she lost to Likhovtseva 5-4 (5-3 TB, after being tied at 4-4).
8.(1 pt for each of 8 answers) a-JHH/Justine-Henin-Hardenne; b-VRP/Virginia Ruano-Pascual; c-ALG/Anna-Lena Groenefeld; d-MVK/Maria Vento-Kabchi; e-LDL/Lourdes Dominguez-Lino; f-MDO/Mariana Diaz-Oliva; g-AMG/Anabel Medina-Garrigues; h-MSL/Maria Sanchez-Lorenzo
9.b. 11-0
10.(1 pt for each of 3 answers) 1st Rd-Roland Garros, 2nd Rd-Wimbledon, 3rd Rd-Australian
BONUS QUESTIONS (2 pts.each):
1.12 minutes (10-14 range in correct)
3.Brian Valhaly (Shaughnessy lost 5-1)
4.Meghann Shaughnessy
5.0-4 (0-2 as the USSR in 1988 & '90, and in 1999 & '01 as Russia)


33-48... Killer Kim? Killer you!
17-32... Hey, the Supernova reached three slam semifinals in '05, so being close is still a good thing
6-16... You should have taken a Pierce-esque timeout to regain your senses
0-5... Like Venus, I'm sure you have a "credible" excuse for this

All for now.